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Image license

All or any image downloaded from Gobotree.com is licensed to you only by Gobotree Limited (or We). Downloading these Images does not transfer any title from these Images to you, or any intellectual property rights to you.

Images on Gobotree.com shall constitute and be defined as any files, images, animations or photographs available on Gobotree.com.

By downloading any Image or material from our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. This agreement is made by and between Gobotree Limited and you the person or organization that downloads images from this website.

All Images provided on this Site, are protected by English Law and International law and other intellectual property proprietary rights and may not be copied in whole or in part.

Gobotree Limited hereby represents that it owns all rights and copyrights to all Images on this website, and all rights and copyrights to the Images shall remain the exclusive property of Gobotree Limited.

You understand that Images are copyrighted and owned by Gobotree Limited only, and any unauthorized use of any of these Images by you may be an infringement of our copyright.

You acknowledge that this agreement expresses the parties entire understanding and agreement, and that there have been no other warranties, representations, covenants, or understandings made by either party except as expressly set forth in this agreement. Any modifications to this agreement shall be made in writing and agreed to by both parties in writing.


Gobotree Limited grants you a royalty-free, non-transferrable, non-exclusive license to:

  • download and modify our Images; and
  • use, publish, and display A MODIFIED FORM OF OUR IMAGES ONLY for incorporation in print media, advertising, brochures, signage, websites, newsletters, packaging, menus, magazines, books, book covers, newspapers, presentations, CD and DVD covers, computer games, architectural renders, movies, commercials, but not for templates for resale, or services for re-use or redistribution.

You may download and store only the Images you plan to use as materials for the creation of a project, website or publication.

It is your obligation to ensure that all necessary consents, permissions and rights have been obtained for an Image to be reproduced for your purposes. This may include model and property releases.


You agree not to access, download, or use our Images in any of the following manners:

  • Using the Images in any way that could be considered defamatory, pornographic, libelous, immoral, obscene or fraudulent, or illegal, either by making physical changes to it, or in its juxtaposition to accompanying text or images, or otherwise.
  • Using Images as part of any use involving sensitive subject matters, as determined by Gobotree Limited, including but not limited to the following: all sexual issues, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, tobacco, AIDS, cancer, mental ailments, homosexual, physical or mental abuse, gambling and guns, and political and/or religious issues without advance written consent from Gobotree Limited and any model in such images. Sensitive subject use pertains to both commercial and editorial uses.
  • Sell, share, rent, donate or giveaway for free any image you have downloaded from this site. You may not allow or authorize any third party to use our Images for any purpose at any time or resell, sublicense, or otherwise make available the Images for use or distribution separately.
  • Archive Images other than those used for the creation of a project, website or publication. Downloading or archiving the entire collection or substantial part of it is prohibited.
  • For templates intended resale or free, including, without limitation, website templates, poster templates, business card templates, greeting card templates, flash templates, brochure templates, magazine templates, and book templates.
  • For services that are designed to re-use or redistribute the Images or included as part of a product (bundle), including, without limitation, print-on-demand services, software bundles, and image galleries.


You understand and agree that Gobotree Limited may, at its sole discretion, terminate this license immediately for any violation of this agreement without notice. In this event you must IMMEDIATELY delete any and all Images obtained prior to this termination.


The images are provided by Gobotree limited "as is" without representation, warranty or condition of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied representations, warranties or conditions of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Gobotree Limited does not warrant that downloads will be fit for any particular purpose, free of errors, viruses, malware or other damaging elements.

Gobotree Limited makes no representations or warranties for any releases or with regard to the use of content, logos, trademarks, copyright material, uniforms, names, people, text, designs, or works of art shown in an Image.

Neither Gobotree Limited or any of its directors, officers, employees, partners, licensors, or agents shall be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental, arising out of the downloading, use of, or the inability to use, any Image or Images.

You agree to indemnify and hold Gobotree Limited, its officers, employees, shareholders, directors and suppliers harmless against any damages or liability of any kind arising from any use of Images downloaded.

Any reproduction or use of the images or other content in breach of the license or terms and conditions, or outside the scope of the license, shall be an infringement of copyright and other rights, and you agree to indemnify Gobotree Limited, its content providers and licensors for all losses, damages, costs and expenses incurred as a result.


We may revise this image license at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make and, where appropriate, notified to you by e-mail, as they are legally binding on you.